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The Time Cruisers is for action adventure lovers as well as science fiction fans that love a good time travel story. The story is told from a Christian point of view and showcases several stops into great Bible events in history. The main characters who originally come from the 1950's find themselves encountering the likes of Moses, Noah, Samson, and even the Baby Jesus while fighting and running for their lives from Nazis and even dinosaurs. Great care was taken to detail concerning the biblical situations and people as well as being respectful to the Bible in general. It's made to be intelligent reading for adult science fiction lovers, and yet has a story that is very kid friendly. It's a story just made for the big screen with it's epic events, and the heroic Agent Martin who is very reminiscent of past action adventure movie heroes like James Bond or Indiana Jones, but is still very much a character like no other with a mysterious past, and strange abilities and secrets that he keeps to himself. Recommended for Christian science fiction fans and all science fiction and adventure stories in general.

Book Description

A search for a missing scientist, responsible for the Philadelphia Experiment during World War II, takes his son, Ronald Montgomery, and his friends on an exciting, epic-sized time travel adventure through biblical history and beyond.

While on his journey, he must confront incredible odds, facing the likes of Pharaoh's army, and Adolf Hitlerís Nazi soldiers and villainous right hand man, Bastian Wolfe. Joining him on this adventure are his prospective love interest, Mary, his rival for her affections, Mack, Professor Jack Warren, and a mysterious government agent named John Martin.

Along the way, this group of time traveling adventurers will also encounter Noah, Moses, and even the Biblical strong man, Samson. Relive the Bibleís greatest adventures through the eyes of our heroes, and learn the secrets of Americaís underground time travel organization, known as ATTA, sworn to defend America from all enemies, past, present, and future.

It's a thrill ride that spans the centuries and makes you witness to the most spectacular events of all human history!

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