Wordl War Posters and Art For Sale

Posters and art, a lot of which I have created and others are my favorites from other artists.

These particular posters are reproductions of authentic World War II  and World War I posters that manufactured by Zazzle.

Iwo Jima Marines Poster
Iwo Jima Marines Poster by tvcrazyman
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Iwo Jima Battle poster with Marines putting up the American flag during World War II. Originally created to promote war bonds.

Uncle Sam I Want You for U.S. Army poster.

"Keep 'em flying" is our battle cry!" World War II 1942 Army Recruiting poster art. Art features 1940's U.S. army planes with the American flag in the background.

Marines recruitment poster in 1917 promising travel and adventure. A marine rides a tiger or cheetah backwards. The poster asks you to enlist for 2-3 or 4 years.

Buy Liberty Bonds World War I Poster
Buy Liberty Bonds World War I Poster by tvcrazyman
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Buy Liberty Bonds World War I poster with the words, "Lend as they fight". In the poster two soldiers fight a desperate battle as one is already wounded.

We Can Do It Poster
We Can Do It Poster by tvcrazyman
Rosie the Riveter is an historical and cultural icon from World War II. She represented the American women who worked in factories during the war that produced war supplies and ammunition. Rosie was first mentioned in a song written by Redd Evans and John Jacob Loeb. The song went to be recorded by a number of artists. In 1942, Pittsburg artist J. Howard Miller created this work of art for the war effort. It was entitled "We Can Do It!" featuring whom is now referred to in the poster as Rosie the Riveter. My version of Rosie with Lucky Cat

Uncle Sam at war poster
Uncle Sam at war poster by tvcrazyman
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Based on an original World War I poster, it's Uncle Sam fighting for freedom and the good old United States of America. This poster celebrates freedom and July 4th. Great for patriotic Americans and those that love fourth of July fireworks and good old Uncle Sam.

Tanks for the Memories Wood Poster
Tanks for the Memories Wood Poster by tvcrazyman
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This one is not a original war poster, but I think it fits.

I've also posted posters and art that I've made of my cartoon character Lucky who has his own book series I have created.  For more on Lucky's book series.