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What You Should Look for in a Home Inspector in Tennessee
Deciding which home to buy is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your lifetime. It's certainly the most costly purchasing decision you'll ever make. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need a professional inspector to inspect the home you are thinking of purchasing before you close on the deal. Here are some tips in finding the right inspector to do your inspection.

The Differences Between GFCI and AFCI Electrical Circuit Interrupters

Trees and Shrub Home Inspection Defects
Trees and shrubs are one of the items that I look at during your inspection. Large trees that appear very close to the home can impose a threat to the home through falling of itself, or its branches.

Roof Inspection Defects
Here are a few defects that I as a home inspector look for in doing a roof inspection.

Avoid installing satellites on roof tops
When looking for a new home, watch out for satellite dish installations on roof tops as they can cause roof leaks.

Should I caulk around my toilet?
You may have actually read at various places that you should caulk all the way around a toilet, but as a home inspector it is easy to see how that piece of advice could be very problematic indeed. Here's why.

Choosing your own home inspector
Don't let your realtor choose your home inspector for you, and here's why.

Avoid Wood Rot
One of the things of great concern to home inspectors is visible wood rot, and, of course, rotting wood should be of great concern to you as a home buyer or current home owner. Here's a simple tip for avoiding potential water damage to your home.

Electrical Panel Location
Electrical panels can be located just about anywhere, inside a garage, outdoors, or in any room. That doesn't mean that every location is acceptable or necessarily desired for that matter.

Plumbing Leaks Home Inspector Tip -  A free tip to help you locate plumbing leaks before you buy a home.

The attic inspection One of the most important areas that I inspect during a typical home inspection is the attic. Inside the attic I verify any concerns I may have found on the roof.

Moisture Concerns in an Inspection  As a home inspector for the Knoxville, TN area, one of my biggest concerns is looking for areas of the home that are either damaged by water and moisture now or that could be in the future.

How to Deal with Moss Growth on a Roof Is having moss on your roof really that bad? Why is it bad and what should you do to get rid of it?

How to Prevent Mold Growth Mold is bad for air quality, and it can literally eat the wood in your home as food. The only way to really keep mold at bay in a home is to limit the amount of moisture in your home.

Deck Home Inspection Facts Did you know that more decks collapse in the summer than all the other seasons combined?

Moisture Prevention Moisture prevention is sometimes overlooked by home owners. Home buyers tend to miss signs of moisture damage or are unable to see areas of concern around the home that can lead to future moisture problems.

Vermiculite insulation and its asbestos danger. - Homes built between 1919 and 1990 may have it. Do you?

Open Slots in an Electrical Panel  - Why open slots in an electrical panel are considered a dangerous defect.