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Shadows of the Past Sci-Fi Western Book

Civil War Skeleton Love is supposed to be a joyful ingredient in the renewal of life and hope for the future, but one romance that started in the old west town of South Fork in the late 1800’s could spell the end of the world.


 It was a happy fairy tale type of love affair between the town’s lawman, John Gunn, and the lovely Rachel Jones - that is until all hell broke loose. Phantom-like Civil War soldiers with an almost supernatural bent toward death and destruction, sent by an enemy not of Sheriff Gunn’s time, come to South Fork seeking to kill the sheriff, who has no idea why.

Unsure of his past and haunted by his future, the sheriff must make choices that will either lead to a life with his beloved Rachel or direct him to a fate worse than death, while fighting enemies and friends alike. Can he save himself and his future bride? Is it possible for a man to beat time itself? Could the answers lie not in who John Gunn is, but who he was, and who he will be? Rachel Jones may know, but she isn’t allowed to tell. Time travel was never this deadly.


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Sheriff John Gunn – The sheriff of South Fork who has a very unique past and an uncanny ability with a gun.

Rachel Jones - girlfriend of sheriff. She’s a kind hearted, church going, beautiful woman that the sheriff looks at as an angel from above.

Deputy Chester Fife – He’s basically a classic sidekick to the sheriff. He means well, but often does his duties inefficiently. The deputy brings humor into South Fork for the reader, but is the cause of frustration for the sheriff in the story.


Billy the Kid – He's a wild and dangerous outlaw that seems to want to help the sheriff, or does he?

Mr. Silverstone – owns most of the town and thus believes that he owns the sheriff’s office as well. Silverstone is responsible for John Gunn becoming sheriff, so in one regard he's a force for law and order, but on the other hand his ideas of quick justice don't necessarily jive with the sheriff's. Silverstone does seem to place more value on the dollar than morality. You be the judge of where his moral compass lies.

Bastian Wolfe – He’s the bad guy who knows more about the sheriff than the sheriff does himself.



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