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Never Quit! The Back to Basics Fitness Guide

Never Quit! offers not only the information needed to get into shape and stay that way, but it also helps you get and stay motivated by showing you how to tackle health from all angles including the four main keys to a healthier you:

1.Mental and spiritual

It's an in-depth look at the basics of health, that you may not know or remember, that could change your life. Gain motivation and inspiration to create lifelong habits that can make you faster, stronger, and healthier than you have ever been or have been for a very long time. Read great inspirational quotes from some of history’s greatest achievers to help you in your quest for health and happiness.

Learn how to live healthy, not just lose a few pounds for a few weeks only to gain them back again. Beat the cycle of weight loss and gain and discover how to enjoy life. Explore how the mind and the heart can affect the body in a positive or negative manner. Learn to look at the body as a whole and not just in terms of how many push-ups you can do.

Obtain insight into how to lower your risk for diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Gain a better understanding of what many scientists believe is causing the obesity epidemic and how you can avoid unnecessary weight gains yourself by simply trading processed junk food for healthier real food choices. Find out why sugar is considered so bad and how it negatively affects the body. Enjoy old fashioned recipes, along with a huge list of healthy foods that will help you create the type of lifelong diet plan that will make you happier, healthier, and live longer.

Discover the power of goal setting and how it changes your life for the better. Tailor an exercise routine that fits your personal fitness goals whether it's beginner or advanced.

As we explore the spiritual side, see how the Bible fits into health and fitness. You’ll also find tips on how to break bad habits, and lower stress.


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